The terminology of Sericulture is meant by culture of various species of silkworm for commercial production of silk yarn, which is ultimately used for the development of fabrics industries. The art and message of sericulture came to Arunachal Pradesh very back to the year 1950 when the Arunachal Pradesh was within the state of Assam as NEFA. Now it is 67 years old.
Arunachal Pradesh is the biggest state in NE having vast potential for development of Sericulture and enjoys the unique distinction of being producing all the four varieties of commercially exploited natural silks viz, Mulberry, Eri Muga and Oak tasar. Eri and Muga rearing are mostly practiced in foothills areas, Mulberry in middle altitude areas and Oak Tasar in higher altitude areas. The Eri cultural is traditional to the people of foothills areas of the state and People are traditionally skilled in weaving which is a household activity.
Sericulture with its vast potential for employment generation can play a very vital role in alleviating rural poverty. Presently 4,580 hectares of land is covered under silkworm food plantation in the State by involving around 2,500 families in 116 villages. Apart from, agriculture and horticulture, sericulture plays an important role in providing subsidiary income to about 2500 families

Sl. NoName of Farm/CentreFunction of the Farm/CentreName of DistrictYear and Date of Establishment
1Sericulture Farm, PasighatSeed production, Reeling & DemonstrationEast Siang1950
2Eri Extension Centre, SilleSeed production,Reeling, DemonstrationEast Siang13th Sept' 1976
3Sericulture Demonstration cum Seed production Centre, BorguliSeed production, & DemonstrationEast Siang23rd Aug' 1982
4Govt. Muga Farm, JiaDemonstrationLower Dibang Valley2015
5Amber Spinning cum Weaving Centre, SilleTraining & WeavingEast Siang14th March' 1982
6Muga Farm, SilleDemonstrationEast Siang18th March' 1996
7Sericulture Demonstration cum Seed production Centre, YingkiongSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationUpper Siang24thsept 1981
8Sericulture Demonstration cum Seed production Centre, JenggingSeed production, & DemonstrationUpper Siang14th Aug' 1987
9Sericulture Demonstration cum Seed production Centre, LikhabaliSeed production,& DemonstrationWest Siang24th Aug' 1987
10Sericulture Farm, SiyumDemonstrationUpper Subansiri30th march'1994
11Sericulture Demonstration Centre, MonopoliangDemonstrationLower Subansiri3rd Dec' 1999
12Sericulture Demonstration Centre, DeedDemonstrationLower Subansiri3rd Dec' 1999
13Sericulture Training cum Production Centre, LaptapSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationPapum Pare7th Oct' 1994
14Sericulture Farm, Kimin Seed production,Reeling & DemonstrationPapum Pare11th Dec' 2001
15Amber Spinning Cum Reeling and Weaving Training Centre, NaharlagunTraining & WeavingPapum Pare
16Collective Mulberry Garden, BalizanReeling & DemonstrationPapum Pare1977
17Sericulture Farm, KokilaSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationPapum Pare1974
18Collective Mulberry Garden, MekaReeling & DemonstrationLower Dibang30th Aug' 1982
19Sericulture Demonstration cum Seed production Centre, DambukSeed production, Reeling & DemonstrationLower Dibang14th Dec' 1997
20Eri Extension Centre, BolungSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationLower Dibang7th Oct' 1994
21Sericulture Demonstration cum Seed production Centre, PampoliSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationEast Kameng1976
22Eri Seed production cum Demonstration Centre, KhoinaSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationWest Kameng13 th Dec’ 1985
23Oak Tassar Composite Centre, DirangSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationWest Kameng20 th Oct’ 1982
24Oak Tassar Grainage cumSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationWest Kameng1978
25Eri Seed production cum Demonstration Centre, NongkongSeed production,Seed production,Reeling & DemonstrationLohit1971
28Collective Mulberry Garden, ChanglangSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationChanglang24 th July’ 1976
29Eri Silkworm Seed production cum Demonstration Centre, ChanglangSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationChanglang1976
30Mulberry Nursery cumSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationChanglang4 th Dec’ 1979
31Silkworm Seed Production cum Demonstration Centre, NampongSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationChanglang1976
32Mulberry Silkworm Seed Production cum Demonstration Centre, ChanglangSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationChanglang13 th Feb’ 1986
33Composite DemonstrationSeed production,Reeling & DemonstrationChanglang11 th Feb’ 1991
34Research Extension Centre, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India, BalijanResearch and Extension CentreBalijan2015
35Eri Grainage Preparation of Eri Disease free layingsSille2015
36Muga Grainage Preparation of Muga Disease free layingsBalijan2016
37Mulberry GrainagePreparation of Mulberry Disease free layingsZiro2016
38Oak Tassar GrainagePreparation of Oak tassar Disease free layingsDirang2015
39Centre Of ExcellenceFor imparting all types of training to officers as well as to farmersSille2015
40Common facility centreTo facilitate local weavers in silk weavingNaharlagun, Pangin, Nacho, Aalo & Patum2017