The department of Textile & Handicrafts has been bifurcated from Industry department in 2000 with a view to provide better support and technical guidance to the grass root level weavers, artisans, and silkwarm rearer.
The department is one of vibrant area to meet up the demand trends of Textile products. It is endowed with enormous talent in Handloom and Handicrafts that represents rich diversity in design pattern, motifs on Handloom fabric of different tribe of the state which reflects cultural value and pattern of respective tribe.
Department is running 88 craft centre where imparting training to local youth/women folk, drop out students in 14 trades and pass out trainees are engaging as production workers with 886 trainees sanctioned strengthen annually. Department provide highest self employment generation next to agriculture. The craft centres are running with obsolete and out dated equipment with conventional design practice and thereby artisans/weavers are deprived actual value of their products.
To meet up the present trends of demands of quality Handloom, Handicrafts and Textile products a robust method of favorable government policy and use of modern concept design with improved technology equipment machinery inputs requires.
Same of trust area in the department are:-
 Setting up of Powerloom to feedup fabric requirement of
1. Incubation centre of garment and apparel unit.
2. Under medico Textile, to meet up bedsheet, curtain cloth of all Hospitals, scrub cloth, bandage, Apron etc and School Hostels.
3. School uniform shirt, pant etc.
 Setting up of Woollen Hosiery and apparel unit to meet up.
– School Uniform Sweater, Para military, APP uniform Sweater
– Warm cloths, apparel and sweater for general.
 Establishment of crafts village with website amenity under Textile tourism.
 Establishment of Yarn Dyeing processing unit.
 Mini Silk Spinning mill.
 Textile Park.
 Design Bank.
 Raw material Bulk.

Craft centre/ Training- Cum- Production centre88 Nos. covering all District & Sub- Division HQ.
Skill up graduation Training imparting in different trade14 different trades
Sanctioned strength of trainees with stipend @ 3000 per month per trainees886
Research & Design Centre1 No. at Doimukh, Papumpare District
Woolen Hosiery and Apparel Production Unit1 No. at RDC Doimukh, Papumpare District
Incubation Centre for Manufacturing Garment and Apparel3 Unit at Pasighat, East Siang District
Honey Processing & Bottling Centre1 No. at Sille, Pasighat, East Siang District
Sericulture Field Demonstration Centre1 No. at Likabali
Central of Excellence for Sericulture1 No. at Sille, Pasighat, East Siang District
Silk Weaving with Jacquard Machine3 Nos. at Naharlagun Nacho and Pangin
Sericulture Demonstration Farm33 Nos in different categories, Endi, Muga, Oak Tassar
Sales Emporium17 Nos in district H.Q. and at Itanagar
Show Room6 Nos. one each at Tuting, Mariyang, Muchuka, Miao, Doimukh & Longding
Sales Outlet outside of State3 Nos at Guwahati, Kolkata, New Delhi