Handloom Park

1Name of Project/ SchemeHandloom Park
2BeneficiaryState govt
3EligibilityLand to be provided by state govt, common infrastructure, building for common facilities, building for weaving block, equipments for common facilities, margin money for working capital, project management cost, DPR.
4BenefitHandloom weaving is one of the largest ecomomic activities after agriculture providing livelihood to nearly 28 lakh households, of which 87% are located in rural areas. The total employment by this sector is almost 43lakh. Handloom fabric attracts huge interest due to its unique designs, exquisite artistic value and traditions involved at rach different location known for handlooms. handlooms also attract interest from designers as they provide flexibility, versatility and diversity in creating new designs and unique patterns.
5How to ApplyState Govt